Ah, Venice. Ah, Zaletti. There are many variations of these golden, cornmeal cookies. Each bakery seems to have its own recipe. All delicious. My friend Wanda and I can attest to it.

I make the recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks, The Italian Baker by Carol Field. Last week, David Lebovitz posted his adaptation of that very recipe on his blog. I tried itthis morning and I love it.

He calls them Cornmeal Cookies and calls for polenta in his recipe. The one in the book calls for cornmeal. I used polenta. David suggests either currants or chopped sour cherries or other finely chopped dried fruit. I added both currants and cherries. Best of all, I like that he gives instructions for baking the cookies withoutshaping the dough, chilling it, forming it into logs, freezing it, cutting it. I chilled the dough in the mixer bowl briefly – just until it was easy to handle – and then followed his suggestion to pinch off pieces about the size of a shelled walnut, roll into balls, and flatten slightly.

They are not the traditional diamond shape; they’re round. And still delizioso.