Lunch, local-style with AJ and Cindy – saimin for her, loco moco for him

“Tour Da Food was hands down the highlight of our trip and you did an excellent job of familiarizing us with the Hawaiian culture. It made the rest of our trip that much better.”
-AJ & Cindy

“An excellent food adventure for anyone that cares about where their food comes from and how well it is prepared. A great resource for finding the markets and restaurants that do what they promise exceptionally well.”
Boise, Idaho
“We took Bonnie’s Upcountry tour and it was easily the highlight of our vacation. We got to go places and taste true ‘local’ food that we would have otherwise never gotten to experience. Bonnie’s commentary was insightful and provided great cultural background and history as to how the cuisine of the Hawaiian islands came together. The best part was Bonnie’s list of recommended restaurants! We had great meals in non-tourist places thanks to her.”
-R. Rao
SF Bay Area, California

“Loved every minute of it?no tour could equal yours!!”
-David & Nikki

“We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the food tour. As we think back on it, we realize how much you introduced us to in such a short period.  After the tour we reported what we had done to our children in Virginia and Australia.  Our daughter in Australia was at work at the time and shared our comments with her mates at the Tasmanian Ambulance Service.  Now the ubiquitous spam musubi is known in Tasmania!!!”
-Faith & Jim

“We wanted to let you know what a perfectly delightful time we had while with you. Carol is still talking about the fact that you got me to eat “raw fish” at the Japanese restaurant.  Again, thank you so much for such a beautiful time.”
-Dallas & Carol

“Mike and I really enjoyed our tour with you and look forward to going on another tour with you on one of our future trips. Mike is now addicted to musubi, which he has finally found near our home!”
-Helen & Michael

 “Today is Thanksgiving. The turkey is roasting. My daughter and her family are expected in an hour. So I thought I would take a moment to thank you for the wonderful tour while we were in Maui. I enjoyed it very much. I will mention it to any friends who say they are heading your way. Thanks again for the opportunity to view Maui from a perspective different than the one seen from the window of a resort hotel.”


Christine and Brian with their delicious plate lunches

“My husband and I enjoyed this tour very much. We expected that it would be quite different from other food tours we’ve been on in the past- especially since it was a private tour- and we were not disappointed. We were taken to very ‘local’ places that were chosen based on our tastes and dietary restrictions, and given fantastic history about Hawaiian culture as a whole- not just the food (which was delicious!). Bonnie was super personable, and gave us tons of tips for things to do and places to eat on Maui and Oahu. I would absolutely recommend taking this tour.”
Long Island, New York



“To our dear, beloved new friend – Bonnie:
Words cannot describe how much we appreciated your attention to us and the details of our experience with you on Tuesday. It has been the highlight of our time here. So many times a day (too many to name) we both reflect back to the time we spent with you and ALL you taught us about the culture, people and food of Hawai’i.  If there was a place I could stand and speak to everyone, I would do it on your behalf — because you made us feel special and we had 100% of your attention and thoughtful teaching…  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We talked to the others in our group for over an hour about our experiences, and between the two of us, I think we did justice to recap the joy and excitement for both of us at each stop along our journey!  I wish we could go out again with you while we are here.  My hope is that we will be back one day and we can see you again.

In the meantime, please know, from the bottom of our hearts, that we enjoyed our experience more than you will ever know! Thank you for setting aside time for us and making us feel so special.”
-Brenda and Sherry


Thank you for a fun day yesterday!  We enjoyed meeting you! I really enjoyed learning about the different ethnic cultures and what foods were introduced from each group.”