I know, EVERYONE likes poke! But this is the name of one of Maui’s newer food trucks. Owner Danny Kalahiki is a whiz with fresh fish. And heuses ONLYthe freshest fish. He told me he works with five local fishermen and chooses his fish right off their boats. And he only buys enough for two days. His poke – several different kinds – always sells out and so do lots of his plates and specials. ‘Cause he ONLY USES FRESH FISH, hello. I chose a special, Coconut Curry Ono and it is ONO. And he was nice enough to give me a generous taste of the dish he says “put him on the map” – Ahi Katsu. The fish is perfectly cooked medium rare, the coating is golden and crispy and his sauce is NOT the regular, run of the mill “barbecue-ish” katsu sauce. I don’t know what the heck is in it but it’s delicious. I may have to call him and find out. Late note: I called him. He won’t tell. “It’s the magic sauce,” he says.

Like Poke? isparkedin front of Kahului Trucking & Storage on Hobron Lane near Matson. It’s there for a reason. “I used to drive a truck so I know how difficult it is for truck drivers to find a place where they can park easily, get something quick AND GOOD, and get going,” Danny told me.

He’s there Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and serves breakfast, poke, and plates.

If you want something specific, better call ahead – 808-757-2239. No website…yet. Just call and go see him. And eat.