Editorial Review for Tour da Food – by Eric Grossman

In Short
Hawaii is a rich blend of cultures, and one way to explore this diversity is through food. The mix of cultures has resulted in a variety of traditions and dishes. The Tour da Food offers visitors to the island a firsthand look at these culinary traditions and unique foods, from spam musube to shave ice. Each tour includes a main meal -- such as a breakfast and informative chat with a local innkeeper, traditional plate lunch at a central Maui restaurant, or a picnic with a popular radio personality -- and visits to a variety of establishments that could include a bakery, an ethnic food market, an ice cream manufacturer, or other local food shops. Participants will snack on spam, li hing mui, malasadas and more, all while speaking with locals about the unique cuisine and community of Hawaii.
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Insider Tips

Know Before You Go

Morning-long tours are for a minimum of two and maximum of four guests. Private customized tours for one or two are available on request.

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