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Bonnie b & wBonnie Friedman has made a 34-year study of Island foodways. Raised in Brooklyn in a family of talented home cooks,  bakers and professional chocolatiers, she has pursued a multi-faceted career on the Valley Isle. She has owned a gourmet catering company and has taught at the Maui Community College Culinary Arts program. For the last 28 years, she has owned and operated a public relations company representing critically acclaimed chefs and restaurants and food and beverage products, and she writes regularly about food, travel and culture and the arts for local, state and national publications. Bonnie has built close personal and professional relationships with chefs, farmers and food producers here, studied pastry-making, and co-authored two cookbooks published nationally by Random House. She has long been a keen local culinary source. For more about her and samples of her writing, please visit